"rankas vīns"

Naturaly fermented house wine, without added water, without chemical additives, without sulphites.

“Rankas Vīns “is a high – quality wine with a pleasant aroma and aftertaste – for family celebrations, special occasions or just pleasant evenings.

Wine has variety of tastes: sweet, dry and semi-sweet.
Wine is fermented from local berries – cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, lingonberries etc. that are harvested in Latvian forests and gardens. The wines have a unique taste and aroma bouquet.

Discover new wine flavors. Because as you know – “In vino veritas” – “There is truth in wine”.


Wine is 100% handmade after very old ancient Latvians farmhouse winery traditions in special glass barrels.

Wine it brewed very slowly for atleast 3 Years in wine basement where is perfect low temperature where all organic nutrition and yeast are sitting down and with special work methods becomes highest quality premium wine, crystal clear and color of red ruby.


“Rankas Vīns” wine is popular and has Award for it’s ancient traditional taste.


This is handmade house wine which is completely different from factory made mass production wine.

It’s made without any artificial ingredients, which allows berries to become a wine like it is, with its own natural yeast that comes out from the berries. In this way wine keeps every berry unique taste and good properties, as vitamins and nutrients.
Wine is made only from fresh berries, which grows and are
harvested in Latvia green untouched forest.


winery "rankas vīns"

contact information

  • Astras 10a, Rīga, LV-1084, Latvia
  • (+371) 29999826
  • brivaismustangs@inbox.lv
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